Are you stressed or always on edge? Are your relationships strained? Do you feel alone in the world? Or maybe you are experiencing debilitating pain that no one around you understands. Have you stopped doing the things you enjoy most because of the aforementioned? 

If so, therapy may be the next step for you. 

Treatment can focus on, but is not limited to:

Depression Anxiety and Panic Trauma Recovery (adult and childhood)

Military Sexual Trauma Recovery Grief Infertility Child Loss Teenage Pregnancy

Parenting Concerns  Intimate Relationship Stressors Phase of Life Challenges

Betrayal and Trust  Diminished Self Worth and Self Esteem Sleep Difficulties (nightmares, insomnia)

Chronic Pain Fibromyalgia Endometriosis Lupus Menopause Conflict Resolution

Work and Career Issues Spirituality Concerns Stress and Anger Management

Setting, Enforcing, and Maintaining Boundaries Sexuality Sexuality after Trauma

Click here or call to discuss these and other available treatment options at  RLTCS, PLLC. Online therapy services are available for women and teen girls (13 and older) in North Carolina and Florida. Face to face services are available for women and teen girls in North Carolina.