Have you experienced a traumatic situation that you have not been able to talk to anyone about? Have your attempts to un-see, un-hear, or un-feel the trauma been unsuccessful? Are you triggered by memories of the trauma? Do you feel disconnected from the person you once thought you would be? Or maybe you are tired of always feeling overwhelmed from having to carry this horrible secret on your own.  Are you stressed, fearful, or always on edge? Are your relationships strained? Do you feel alone in the world? Or maybe you are experiencing debilitating pain that no one around you understands. Have you stopped doing the things you enjoy most because of the aforementioned? You are not alone!  

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If your life leaves you feeling more run down than fulfilled, it’s time to consider refreshing things a bit! 

Refreshing Lives Therapy and Consultation Services, PLLC is a trauma-sensitive practice located in Charlotte, NC, providing therapy, consultation and counseling services to women and teen girls (ages 13 and older) that are committed to improving their over all well-being. 

As a clinician that is devoted to helping women heal, I recognize the many challenges women face throughout different stages of life especially after experiencing a traumatic event.  I work with women in search of their inner voice and am ready to guide you along your journey to self-restoration utilizing a holistic, empathetic, and individualized approach. My goal is to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself by turning life’s challenges into victories.  Together we will work to take whatever is weighing you down and turn it into the passion that elevates you. It’s time to invest in the most important piece of your life – yourself!




Your journey to a balanced and enjoyable life is just a click or phone call away!

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